Ashaiman ,a town in the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (Ashma) is one of the busy towns in the district with a lot of different business in it.

One of the common business for the youth in the area is mobile money .There are over 3000 mobile money agents in the district working to make earns meat .

Ashaiman , known to be the harbour of notorious criminals are not giving these agents peace of mind to operate in the area .

This is the major problem of the agents in the Area.

In January alone this year , The district office of the association have recorded over 50 scary ,deadly and dangerous robbery attacks with an agent and a customer dead and some surviving with all sorts of injuries and debts

This constant attacks on the agents are dragging agents out of business , others reinvesting their capitals into other business.

Citi tv on Thursday 03/02/22 visited the area for a short documentary on the subject of the attacks .Madam Grace , whose shop used to be MoMo branded shop is now a non MoMo related branding with clothings and water inside instead of the usual MoMo she is known of.

When asked why by the reporter ,she made it clear that ,she has a family and can’t continue with the MoMo business since she doesn’t know when it will be her turn.

Just like Madam Grace ,a lot of shops have been closed down whiles others are planning to follw the same steps for their safety .

The district leadership of theassociation sort to find solutions to the problem therefore visited the District Commanders within the district to inform them about the situation .In response , they said that the situation is novice to them and they are trying their best to handle it but limited resources and lack of better road network has been an impediment .Also our security lies on us.

Some of these statements we find it unfortunate and disturbing .Every citizen under threat and receives this information from the ones who duty is to protect you will be distributed and that is the trauma of every MoMo Agent In Ashaiman Municipality right now.

We don’t know what to do next .The momo agent now wakes up and contemplates in whether to go to work ,rest or find something else doing.The resultant effect is that the Ashaiman Municipality risks access to mobile money services if situation persist.

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