MoMo Agent risks losing his left eye due to police brutality.

As if mobile money Agents are left to the mercy of fraudsters and armed robbers alone, rather the condition and predicaments keep worsening. One would have thought that when one gets to work in a public institution who is remunerated by tax payers, there would be a display of high sense of professionalism under the guidance of conscience .An institution that is supposed to treat people with dignity, The Ghana Police Service has for some times now been in the bad books for obvious reasons and are expected to redeem itself. Unfortunately, some men and women in the service keep worsening the reportage as some officers on duty at a barrier just around the Garden City University in the Kenyasi command of the Ashanti region committed a heinous act against a momo Agent whose only crime was his inability to stop immediately when he was asked to stop by the officers on duty due to an uncontrollable reason.

.Abdul Samed, a momo Agent went to work on Friday morning 22nd July 2022 with two eyes and returned home without one eye.No! he wasn’t attacked by armed robbers. Atleast not that day. And he didn’t crash any car with his royal bike. His left eye was taken by four uniformed police officers stationed on the kenyasi road close to Garden city University that evening. According to the victim, he was signaled to stop which he did but not immediately so he passed the barrier abit. An officer pulled him from behind and shouted at him..”Kwasia won gyina to wit ..foolish won’t you stop ? “The pull was followed by a push from another officer he then lost control and fell with his bike on top of his left tigh.This was followed with heavy foot kicking from one officer which landed on his eye. His continues screaming and pleading for his life didn’t stop the officers from punching him further even though there wasn’t any form of resistance. Painful tears tricked down his cheeks, tears from the right eye, blood from the left eye. The officers seeing and believing the victim is terribly hurt in the eye, lifted him to Kenyasi Government Hospital and left him. The Doctor who attended to the victim sadly announced to him on the next day that he risk losing his left eye because the damage is terrible.

He has since been referred to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) for further medical attention.Vice president of the Assocation, Mr. Marshall who reported this to MMAAGNEWS said ,the IGP must not only hear but act on this to bring to book the misfit within the police service. He called for justice to be served and ensure the needed assistance is given.It’s currently not clear how he and his family will be faring since he’s the lifeline of the family. It wasn’t long ago when the General Secretary, Evans Otumfuo decried the continuous attack on Agents and their deteriorating conditions. Explaining that Government must beef up interest in the growth and developments in the mobile money industry. Adding that the unconcern nature of government is really affecting financial services penetration.

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana has taken the matter up and has called on stakeholders to push for justice to be served.

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