A statement signed by the Regional Secretary of the Association in the Volta Region, Mr John Amekudzi states that Agents must be very careful with Robbers, Thieves and fraudsters because it is possible that they will up their game as we approach the festive season. He went ahead to state possible schemes for these guys.

Read the full statement below…….

Greetings Everyone,
From the leadership of MMAAG Volta Region, we greet all our members in the Volta Region and all
MMAAG members across the country.
We want to thank you all for your supports and prayers that have aided MMAAG to grow quickly in the very
few years that MMAAG emerges. It has become very prudent for us, particularly, the season as far as Christmas is concerned and fast approaching, to advise our members on their daily

We are advising all our members to be very cautious these days in their daily dealings as far as financial
transactions are concerned. Let’s all strictly go by the policies of the business we found ourselves in to
avert future problems for ourselves which can even take us off the business or even our lives.
We there again, want to remind all members that, the time in which we are now, is very delicate to the
performance of our MOMO business and as such we should take all security issues into our own hands and
stay safe in the financial obligation we have involved ourselves in the helps to feed ourselves, our families and provides employment for others.
Though MMAAG is doing its best to make sure its members are safe, we encourage you all to tighten
your security and frequently check your surroundings in your daily transactions. When it comes to money,
NEVER TRUST ANYONE, never entertain anyone and say, ‘’He is My Family Member’’
As stated earlier, we are in the era of Christmas; the period where we see a lot of robbery attacks on
individuals and we are no exception due to the kind of work we do, we
advise you once again to be a bit smart when it comes to security issues.

We also encourage our members to make sure they close early, possibly by 5:30 PM to avoid being
attacked on the way home after work.
Carefully, watch the volume of transactions you do when you are about to close, because some
transactions are baits that will be used by your attacker to get you, so we plead with you to know how to
do huge transactions in the late hours of the day as you are preparing to close.
Some of these evening transactions give clues to the attacker you may have a huge amount of money
on you when going home or kept at home at night. Note that, your attacker may not use just a day to
get you, so always look smart and be a step ahead of them.
To sum up, the mouthpiece of every group are the numbers, therefore, we encourage all registered
members to aid in the preaching of MMAAG to unregistered members, to understand the vision
of MMAAG which will prompt them to register to be part of MMAAG, which by so doing, we can achieve and live to
enjoy the benefits of the work we do through a united front as MMAAG members.

Thank you.


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